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The 8 Steps for Admission

1.      A child must walk or take independent steps before he/she can be considered for enrolment at THE LEARNING PLACE.

2.      Parents are encouraged to come for an initial tour of the the school and speak to the Admissions Manager. Tour Hours: 9am-12pm (Monday and Wednesday).

3.       If parents are willing to proceed with enrolment after the tour, they are then requested to bring the child in for a prior assessment. This assessment is called a Play Date, and entails the child spending some time in the classroom that is best suited to his/ her age. The child is assessed for physical, social and cognitive skills; and speech and emotional behaviour are also observed. The assessment feedback is discussed with parents and an assessment report is also compiled. Play Date Times: 9am to 10am / 9am to 2pm for Elementary (Monday, Wednesday).


4.      Both parents are interviewed in order to learn more about what the school has to offer and establish their expectations. It is always necessary for the parents and the school to be unanimous regarding the development of the child.

5.      If both parents and the school are convinced of the readiness of the child to attend THE LEARNING PLACE, the parents are requested to obtain an application form for a fee.

6.      Upon receipt of the completed form, with the accompanying requirements, the child will be put on our wait list for enrolment either in the coming session, or when a space is made available, by the departure of an enrolled student. In order to secure an open spot, if it is available, parents will be requested to commit themselves to the opening by paying the enrolment fees within a specified date.

7.      A child’s admission at THE LEARNING PLACE is considered confirmed when the student invoice issued thereafter is fully paid and attendance form from the school is received.

None of the charges listed above are refundable if the parents change their mind any time after the session commences. If, however, a parent changes his/her mind before the session commences, all payments except the application fees and enrolment fee will be refunded.


You may download our Application form online [click to download forms below]

- Elementary Montessori Form

- Primary Montessori Form

Please note the current fee for the following: Application Fee - N20,000; Enrolment Fee-N250,000 

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